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Knowledge Management

Social Network Mapping Exercise

This tool was used in IFADAsia Portal Training in India for mapping an Individual's or Project's network. Anyone can use this tool for creating their own formal and informal network map.  Read more »

IFADAsia Portal Introduced in India

IFAD conducted a training workshop to introduce IFADAsia web portal to Indian projects from 9th to 11th June. The workshop provided hands-on on the new web portal to project staffs, mainly KM focal points and communication officers of Indian projects. The main aim of the workshop was to encourage Indian projects staffs to use IFAD’s new web portal for knowledge sharing and networking.  Read more »

APMAS Knowledge Sharing Initiatives

Ms. Jagriti Shankar

Knowledge Management

Everyday, even every second, individuals and organizations are creating and processing information, in turn with this process and context this information will become knowledge to respective individuals and organization. Knowledge includes experience, values, and insights, knowledge helps in evaluation and incorporation of new experiences and creation of newer knowledge. Knowledge originates from, and is applied by knowledge workers who are involved in a particular job or task. People use their knowledge in making decisions as well as many other actions.  Read more »