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APMAS in 2011

During January-December 2011, APMAS has sponsored 4 training courses in 2 thematic areas, project management and gender mainstreaming, one consultancy and coaching activities in the area of M&E RIMS (IFAD Result and Impact Management System), utilizing web-based APMAS Knowledge Platform and mailing list. APMAS has also developed APMAS Database as part of APMAS Management Information System, in order to better document and monitor performance the capacity building activities conducted under APMAS facility.  Read more »

APMAS Semi-Annual Progress Report 2011

APMAS and APMAS Gender Sensitive Management (APMAS GSM) has finalized and issued a semi-annual progress report which covers the activities and achievement during January - July 2011. Therefore, it is also important to share this update to the APMAS Knowledge Network and IFAD Asia website, to disseminate information about APMAS activities and progress during the period.  Read more »

Report on Training on “Annual Outcome Survey”, Bac Kan, 5 - 11 April 2011

This report is prepared as an assessment report on the hands-on training for IFAD M&E officers on "Annual Impact Survey" which was held in Bac Kan, 5 - 11 April 2011. This training is part of the Consultancy and Coaching M&E RIMS Plus Baseline and Impact Survey for IFAD-supported Projects in Vietnam, implemented under the support of APMAS and IFAD Vietnam Country Office. The programme is being implemented by Development and Policies Research Center (DEPOCEN)