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Observations on Gender Sensitive Training Planning and Delivery

In December 2011, APMAS conducted a training workshop on "Training Delivery Skills" in Bangkok. The workshop was offered to professional trainers, service providers and IFAD staffs who conduct trainings in their jobs, in order to improve their training planning and delivery skills. The workshop offered a unique and effective approach of learning by doing. Participants were asked to prepare a 20 minute training session of their choice and present it on the first day, followed by principles and theories on the next day.  Read more »

How to enhance women participation within a project ?

Please share your ideas on how to enhance women's participation within project activities?



APMAS-Gender supports gender-sensitive management of IFAD development projects and programmes. 

What we do

  1. Develop in-country expertise
  2. Improve regional exchanges and networking on gender issues.

Specific Activities  Read more »

Ms. Jagriti Shankar